How to calculate total assets and net worth – what do you include?

How to calculate total assets

Knowing your net worth is an absolutely vital step in reaching your aim of early retirement. In fact its vital even if you aren’t looking to retire early. This is no different to any aim we have in life. What would you do if you were planning on running a marathon in personal best time? … Read more

Should you draw your defined benefit pension early?

Does drawing your defined benefit pension early make sense?

One of my early financial freedom dreams was to be able to afford a fishing boat. If my plans for financial freedom and early retirement don’t go to plan then I’ll be stuck with the wooden heap you can see above. But if I make the right choices and save hard I’ll be able to … Read more

What I learnt after my first month on the path to financial freedom

path to financial freedom

It’s now just over one month since I decided that I was going to retire early! It’s been a great month and it’s exciting to already see the progress that I’m making on my path to financial freedom. I decided that I was only going to keep on in the rat race of corporate life … Read more

Should you defer your UK state pension?

defer your uk state pension - or pass go and collect your money

One thing you may not know is that you can boost your UK state pension by deferring when you take it. The obvious question is, does it make financial sense to defer your UK state pension? And even if not, are there any circumstances you might want to defer it?

The power of earning income when you have financial freedom

power of earning income in early retirement

Most people, myself included, initially think of retirement and financial freedom as a time when you completely stop working and just do whatever you want. Empty days stretch ahead of you to be filled with things that supposedly fill you with joy. Holidays, reading the paper, gardening, holidays. I love golf but it takes so … Read more

I’m 1% of the way to my target of retiring in ten years!

1% of the way to my target of retiring in ten years

Today is a monumental day, I’m 1% of the way through my target of retiring in ten years! I thought this would be the perfect time to show you how I’m going about tracking my progress to retiring early. Now everyone will be different, and I’m probably more analytical than most people I admit. But … Read more

Not sure how to start investing? Keep it simple!

Investment - Keep it simple

The number of investment options can be very bewildering even to the financially literate. If you have put off investing due to fear or confusion then this post is for you. I remember starting my first job and receiving the paperwork to join the work pension. I was starting a career in accounting but this … Read more

Keep on target by knowing what you want from retirement

retirement target

One of the things that makes planning for retirement difficult is that it is so far away. I’m trying to accelerate my retirement to be in 10 years rather than 27, but even then ten years is a long way off. Most people don’t even budget for something happening next month, let alone decades away! … Read more

Turn small savings into a big pension pot

small savings big impact

Many people put the idea of early retirement to one side because it seems so unobtainable. How could you ever save enough to retire early when you’re not earning £100k a year? I used to have that mindset, sure I’ll put money into my pension but it will be a drop in the ocean. There … Read more

Keep motivated to retire early – know why it matters to you

Keep motivated to retire early

One of the first steps to being able to retire early is to know why you want to retire. What do you want to get out of retirement that is different to now? What is the point? In other words – what are you aiming for? There are two main reasons why I’ve included the … Read more

The penny dropped – when I realised I needed to retire early!

Why do I want to retire early?

Hello and welcome to my first post on 5 steps to retiring early. This website is going to track my progress as I aim to retire early in just 10 years time.  That is 16-17 years earlier than my statutory retirement age. On this website I will share everything I have learnt to hopefully help … Read more

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