my aim and this website

My simple aim is that in the space of ten years I’ll be able to retire.  2018 was the first year of this challenge, and this means that I’m targeting to retire at 51 which is 16 years earlier than if I had to wait until the state pension age.  I quickly realised that I was having to do an awful lot of research to work out how I could possible achieve this. So decided I would share what I had learnt and look to continue to learn in the hope it would help others to retire early too.

why retire early?

I had not really thought much about my longer term future before, but after a particularly good summer holiday my wife and I both agreed, “we should get a holiday home here!”.  The only trouble was… we couldn’t afford to buy a holiday home.  But this got me thinking, I mean what is the point in having a holiday home if you can only use it a couple of weeks a year until some distant point 27 years in the future?  And whilst I didn’t mind my job too much, did I really want to spend the next 27 year traipsing into a generic office in London?

The answer of course was an emphatic no!

the challenge?

The challenge then was clear, I needed to take stock of where I was financially now, work out how much money I would need when I was 51 to be able to quit my job, and then work out how on earth I could achieve that.

In the space of a couple of weeks I’d never thought so much about ISAs, pensions, tax planning, property, savings, shares and bonds – but gradually I worked out that it might just be possible.

It would take a massive shift in my outlook, and a lot of dedication, but I was ready to start my journey towards financial freedom early retirement!

My plans and assumptions have changed a lot since since the idea first dropped in my head in 2018 to get out of the rat race. And I hope that

In order for me, and you, to reach our goal of an financial freedom, we need to focus on five main areas.  So why not browse around this website to find out what you can change to bring your dream of an early retirement into a reality?

The five key steps to be able to retire early…

  1. Why do I want to retire early?
  2. How much do I need to save to retire early?
  3. How can I save more to retire early?
  4. Where do I invest my savings to retire early?
  5. How do I keep myself on track to retire early?
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